Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sexy Peat - A first look at the island of Lewis

Last nights workspace

Yesterday was my first full day on Lewis and I really felt like I needed to get out and look at the island. After picking up a few supplies I jumped in the car and started to drive. The roads were clear and the views spectacular. I spent a long time watching a murder of hooded crows mobbing a pair of large raptors above the road near Dalbeg, stopped off at a Norse Mill and Kiln, and then at Gearraanan Blackhouse. After a few hours of sight seeing I headed back across the island. It was an exhilarating drive on a single track road through blanket bog with spectacular panoramas . Awesome!

I worked into the night on a series of paper based works and a couple of iPad based paintings.

Bog Cotton on the way to the Norse Kiln and Mill
After getting bitten in German last week I was taking no chances with the Scottish midges
Raptors on the iPad
3 Birds - mixed media
Silenced - bamboo pen and ink
Perched on a Sleeping Giant - Graphite

Magic Secret - iPad Painting


Anna Connor said...

Lovely post! Love the 'Magic' painting :) and what a beautiful photo of the cotton grass :)

Anna Connor said...

Oh, and I love the 'murder' of crows... I never knew that! :)