Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tender Mishaps

Tender Mishaps , originally uploaded by Fabric Lenny.

Another stack of colouful characters

The Birds And The Birds

The Birds And The Birds, originally uploaded by Fabric Lenny.

New painting on flickr

Monday, 10 October 2011

A selection of doodles from the Italy trip

Here is a selection of the many drawings created during my recent trip to Italy. The A4 images were made on the plane, and the small drawings were made on A6 hotel notepaper.
From the Plane to Zurich
From the Plane to Zurich
Made in my hotel room following fine wine and vegan food
Made in my hotel room following fine wine and vegan food

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Workshops in Southern Italy

This weekend saw me caught up in a whirlwind trip to Southern Italy to co-host a series of workshops alongside Matthew Watkins and Benjamin Rabe at the SPA gallery in Andria.  Together we delivered 3 workshops over the course of Saturday looking at iPad fingerpainting and traditional media techniques. The staff and volunteers at the gallery were amazing, and their hospitality and enthusism was second to none. An amazing experience in a truly wonderful part of the world. Thanks to Matthew and Giorgia for the invitation. All photos courtesy of Heike Roegler.
Working with adults demonstrating 'fingerpainting'
Matthew Watkins working with the iPad
Benjamin Rabe 'Workshopping' with the iPad
Adult art and iPad workshop
Demo image created during the first session

Collaborative image - ink and wash

Quick study of one of the drawing groups

Friday, 7 October 2011

Elsecar Panel Installation

Here are a few images from the Elsecar Panel installation. The final images can be seen here.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Collaborative Cityscape

Painted in NYC with Jonathan Grauel. Adobe ideas on iPad.
Lactating Godzilla

Panel from the Collaborative NYC Piece

Here is my panel from the collaborative painting exercise which i introduced at the mobileartcon in NYC. The final image will consist of 48 images, each painted on an iPad by a different individual.
Painted in Adobe Ideas with the Nomad Brush

Day001 in NYC - ART CRAWL

My first day in NYC this time round, began with a drawing event that kicked off at the Natural History Museum. A fantastic couple of hours with my long term collaborator and painting partner, the ever smiling Jonathan Grauel. All images drawn with a continuous line on the iPad using Adobe Ideas.

Jonathan and I in rather fetching ponchos in NYC

iphone pics from the dino exhibit