Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mail Me Art - Short and Sweet: The Book

I was pleased to be invited to take part in the 'Mail Me Art - Short & Sweet' exhibition which opens on 30th July at The Framers Gallery in London.

The accompanying book can be pre-ordered here:

This was created as a back-up when it looked like my first entry was lost in the post

This is the original piece that will appear in the exhibition and book

Mail Me Art is a fun little project that was created by Darren Di Lieto of The Little Chimp Society in late 2006. He was looking for a way to connect on a real world level with all of the brilliant and talented illustrators who had become part of his community and network. Mail art was the perfect way to accomplish this task. The Mail Me Art project has held several exhibitions in the UK, and was published as a very nice book by HOW Books in 2009. It has also been featured or mentioned by Digital Arts, Computer Arts, Design Week and The Telegraph over the years. Mail Me Art is still going strong to this day and there seems to be no stopping it!


I was invited to create work for an exciting exhibition at Experience Barnsley. Great project!
Here is the exhibition blurb:

One recently discovered photograph album, eight selected Victorian portraits of eight Barnsley characters past, reworked and represented by eight local artists.
 In this, the first temporary exhibition to take place in the new Experience Barnsley Museum & Discovery Centre, see the album, its portraits and the works of a wonderfully eclectic selection of local artists (established and emerging) each making a new piece work in response to this fascinating series of lavishly staged Victorian portraits of eccentric and influential Barnsley characters from the period.
I made a series of drawings based on my image of 'The Grandson of Joseph Crabtree' along with an eclectic animated piece.  The work and the original photo appear below.

Grandson of Joseph Crabtree - Reworked from Fabric Lenny on Vimeo.

The Original Image

Boys on Chairs from Fabric Lenny on Vimeo.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

New kit for Lewis

I picked up a few new drawing implements to add to my (already bulging) tool box and couldn't resits a ten minute play. They will now be added to my kit for Sexy Peat!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

New Paintings Made in Germany

Hotel Vision with Heads

Hungry Robot


Projection Fun

Ok, so last week saw me spending four days with Benjamin Rabe at a Castle South of Berlin as part of the MLove Confestival. Cardboard and projection on a grand scale! Much fun!

Castle Projection

Hungry Robot

Hungry Robot Again

The Castle by Day

Robot with Projection

MLove Projection 2013 from Fabric Lenny on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Made in Hoyland Workshop - Cardboard Birds

Here are a couple of cardboard birds made in a workshop with children a couple of months ago, as part of the 'Made in Hoyland' project at Hoyland Library. I just found the images on a misplaced SD card :)

Artwork Installed at Wentworth Castle Gardens!

For the past couple of months I have been working on a lovely project commissioned by the team at Wentworth Castle Gardens, to highlight the restoration of the Victorian Conservatory at the site. I have had the pleasure of working with 90 pupils from three local schools, and they have developed some charming imagery. The Artwork is now installed and looks GREAT!!