Monday, 8 July 2013

A Walk to the Shieling - Sexy Peat

Passing through the peatlands

On Sunday I headed off across the moor to spend the night in a shieling. As part of the Sexy Peat project, Lewis based Artist Anne Campbell offered each of the artists an opportunity to spend the night in her family shieling across the moor from Bragar. We set out on Sunday lunchtime, barefoot across the moor, and reached the shieling at around 3:30. This was a magical and inspiration experience. A place of tranquility and beauty, and the lovely smell of burning peat!

Looking down to the shieling
A couple of spectacular wrecks on the moor

  I spent a lot of time drawing, sat on top of the chunky grass covered gable end of the shieling.

Some of the drawings made at the shieling

The Shieling Golem - iPad painting

Door of the shieling

Each Uisge and the Eagle - iPad painting

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