Thursday, 18 April 2013

Magic Frames - 4 films made with children in Kirklees

Theo's Worries from Big Voice on Vimeo.

Magic Frames was an exciting filmmaking project funded by the BFI's First Light Movies Initiative. The project saw four groups of children from schools across Kirklees make and promote their own films with the support of professional filmmakers Fabric Lenny and Yvonne Roberts.

Garden in My Pocket from Big Voice on Vimeo.

The Pirates of Rabbit Doll Island from Big Voice on Vimeo.

Lumpy Boy from Big Voice on Vimeo.


C├ędric Philippe said...

This is blowing-mind; I'm in awe of that ability you have to lead such workshops. I guess it's the kind of moment which may deeply influence their way of thinking, or simply make them want to become artist if they aren't already.

fabric lenny said...

Thanks Cedric! Very kind words!