Monday, 4 March 2013

Live Drawing Set for Giuliano Modarelli

Last Friday (March 1st) I had the pleasure of drawing projected live visuals at the launch of Giuliano Modarelli's beautiful album Englobed, at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, London. The evening included an exciting set by his new collective Kefaya. A review of the evening can be found here.
All of the visuals were drawn live using the iPad, and are not recorded, when they are gone they are gone, off into the ether.... which I really like! Live jamming with visuals! Images by Yvonne Roberts.


Jim McLaughlin said...

if you'd like to come and do some of this whilst acts on stage at musicport festival in whitby in october we'd be very interested...giulliano knows the festival well

fabric lenny said...

Hey Jim, please get in touch, I love Whitby! And love live drawn projection!