Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Common Thread - Up it goes!

Nearly a year on from being commissioned, the huge artwork ‘Spital Hill: A Common Thread’ is finally complete.  Richard Hanson and I have been working on this since spring last year, and today the panels were installed. And it looks fantastic, which at this stage in a project is always a massive relief… Located next to the new huge Tesco on Saville Street, by the Wicker Arches in Burngreave, these panels celebrate the people who live in, work on and use Spital Hill, one of the key thoroughfares from the centre to the north of Sheffield. 
The work was completed on Friday last  – thousands of people will drive past this every day, and its far and away the largest piece of art I’ve ever been involved in producing.  Thanks especially to my collaborator Richard Hanson, photographer and artist Yvonne Roberts who pulled the bid together and worked with us on the early part of the project, Andrew and the team from Sheffield City Council, who’ve seen the work through to completion, and, most of all, to everyone who was willing to have their picture taken as part of this project.

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