Monday, 30 May 2011

Elsecar Inventions Week

Today saw the first day of the 'Inventions Week' commission at Elsecar Heritage Centre. What a great day. I was fortunate to have a quick tour of the site first thing, including a look at the FANTASTIC Newcomen Engine. I then had a long stint drawing and reflecting the tour of the site, followed in the late morning and afternoon by a steady stream of families, who were keen to get involved in drawing using traditional materials and my iPads. The plan for the week is to develop a series of collaborative drawings which contain inventions and contraptions, with a view to creating a series of large scale digital prints.

Drawing made in response to the Newcomen Engine

Drawing made in response to the Newcomen Engine


Anna Connor said...

I really love your steam engine style drawings - they're really great. What an interesting project!

fabric lenny said...