Sunday, 27 February 2011

Artist Commission - Hoyland Centre - Windows

Here is a quick indication of how one of my existing drawings would look, sandblasted on to the 5 large upper windows of the new Hoyland Centre. My initial thoughts were around the use of coloured vinyls, but they have a limited lifespan (3 - 7 years max), and sandblasting is permanent. The potential subtle nature of the sandblasting technique will allow for a more complex and intricate set of images! Very exciting stuff! I am also working on images for a large scale digital print and temporary fabric works which will be displayed inside the building,  linking with and complimenting the work on the windows.


murtaugh.wi said...

How very cool, Is there a way to do it with lasers on glass as well? Perhaps they are too large. And I want a sore eye doll when they are done, be sure to post a link.

fabric lenny said...

Yes, apparently there is, but not outside of the studio. These pieces need to be etched / sandblasted on site. Also, the sandblasted images have a more organic feel which fits nicely with the handmade quality of the sketches. Thanks for stopping by!