Monday, 13 December 2010

Barnsley Winter Installation - Pod 4

Friday the 10th saw the first day of an exciting installation project at Pod 4, an empty town centre shop unit in the heart of Barnsley.  I have seven days to create and install 'an exhibition' within the space, which I am calling Fabric Lenny Land for now.  I have so far had the help and support of an amazing group of people, including Yvonne Roberts, Lou Sumray, and Anna Connor. The shape of the space is starting to come together with a couple of large acrobatic rabbits, paintings on cardboard, drawings on slate, and behind the scenes an army of fabric rabbits! More to come! All photographs by Richard Hanson.


Chris Menice said...

Awesome man! Great to see photos of this. Good luck!

MROBART said...

LOVE IT!!!! Great work! Only wish I could see it in person! (MORE PICS! MORE PICS!!!!)

fabric lenny said...

Thanks for the enthusiasm people!